Credentials & Honours



- Membership of ROSPA (1976), and the British Safety Council (1975)

- First outsider to be awarded affiliate membership of the Institute of Road Safety Officers UK (1977)

- First outsider to be awarded full membership of the Association of Home Safety Officers UK (1980)

- Honourary member of the Swedish Safety Council (1982)

- First international member of the National Safety Council USA (1988)

- First international member of the Central Florida Safety Council USA (1988)

- First international member of the American Society of Safety Engineers USA (1989)

- Member of the International Variety Club (1992)





- Personal guest of Lady Soames, International Year of the Child, Newcastle (1979)

- Lunch with Princess Alexandria for PHAB, Hyde Park (1979)

- Tea with the Duchess of Kent for the Variety Club, Hyde Park (1979)

- Lunch with Prince Edward for PHAB, Hyde Park (1980)

- Presented to Prince Charles, Silverstone, Veteran Car Rally (1981)

- Personally presented to H. M. Queen Elizabeth for Cancer Research, Great Windsor Park (1981)

- Tea with Princess Ann for PHAB, Wilton Park (1982)


* Also received, ranging from December 1991 to December 2015, personal letters including 2 from Lady Soames, 2 from Prince William, 2 from the Prince of Wales, 1 from the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall, 1 from the Duke of Cambridge, 1 from the Duchess of Cambridge and 5 from H. M. the Queen

"Mr Safety is magnificent and an inspiration. A wonderful ambassador for us all at INTERNATIONAL YEAR OF THE CHILD."

The Lady Soames M.B.E. - Chairman For I.Y.O.C.